Call for projects

Congratulations to Fanny who won the €10,000 grant for her NGO project "Vision of the World", aimed at fighting child malnutrition!

How does it work?


Give your employees a voice and the power to act

Organize a call for projects among your employees and offer a financial boost to the associations they support.


The call for projects is launched

Your employees can get involved easily by completing the application form and submit it for validation.


Make your employees' NGO grow

The platform meets all your needs, you can either choose to:

Select the winning projects directly and award them a financial donation,

Pre-select employees' projects so that they can pitch them live on the platform,

Or organize a voting phase to crowdsource the projects you will support financially.


A dashboard to analyze and manage your program

Find many statistics you can use to analyze and adapt your approach including employee engagement rate, most selected themes, most active areas/divisions, and more. Identify your network of ambassadors and make the most of them!

Many benefits

Customizable A platform designed to fit each company, brand, and solidarity engagement program.
Easy to use Solidarity programs are easy to set up, with optimized user paths to foster employees' commitment.
Reliable A platform compliant with your security prerequisites and needs.
International A solution that has been deployed in more than 80 countries, and available in 9 languages.
Co-design A solution thought and designed in collaboration with our clients, in lines with their needs.