20 years of commitment by the company and its employees to bridge the energy gap

Schneider Electric is a French manufacturer which also operates internationally, who produces and offers products for the electricity management, automations and adapted solutions to these professions. Their 160.000 employees meet the need of clients in more than 100 countries by helping them manage their energy and their processes in a safe, reliable, effective and durable way.
The Schneider Electric Foundation contribute to the development of the underprivileged in society in the world through education, awareness and vocational training in the energy sector.

Industry: Electrical equipment manufacturer

The challenge

From the beginning, the Schneider Electric Foundation focuses on professional integration but it is only in 2012 that the Schneider Electric Teachers program is created aiming to connect the community partners of the program and the employees and retirees on skills-based volunteering missions.

Schneider Electric Teachers is today a success regarding the employees engagement: it is more than 1300 proposed and realized missions over a 3-year period, both international and local.

In 2017, the Foundation Team decided to go further and set new goals: 4000 days of volunteering a year across all countries.

The Framework

The VolunteerIn digital platform gives the possibility to community partners to submit their project and campaign among employees in order to mobilize them on their missions.

With the skills-matching functionality, employees can filter the projects and missions according to their skills or interests, close to their home or all over the world. They can get involved concretely and fully participated to the realization of the projects so that they can be loyal and reinforce their engagement while creating links and encouraging solidarity!

Interactions between volunteers and associations are facilitated, taken actions are valued and the Foundation has all the indicators to manage this initiative more efficiently.

For its 20th anniversary and its first participation to the movement “Giving Tuesday”, the Foundation allows all their employees to propose projects in which they have committed themselves with at the end, an endowment for those who will be the most popular among the employees of the Group.


The collaboration with Yumana

By giving a power of action to the employees and by creating synergies with the community network, Yumana helps to promote the solidarity approach of the Schneider Electric Foundation.

Thanks to the digital platform, VolunteerIn was able rapidly to deploy in the world and :

  • Ensure the daily management of community partners and volunteers in a convenient manner
  • Facilitate meetings between employees, retirees and associations in order to get involved in volunteering’s missions whether it is close to home or abroad
  • Allow the countries’ delegates to manage autonomously their scope

One of the key success factors of the Foundation Team has been to involve representatives in a co-design approach of the digital solution to meet at best their needs.

Since the beginning of 2017, with Yumana, the Foundation and its team of 5 people have given a new dimension to their VolunteerIn program. Thanks to the visibility given to partners and proposed missions, the commitment is promoted and valued within the company and within all the VolunteerIn community.

The results

6000 users including 3600 volunteers

+200 submitted projects, +1300 proposed missions in more than 80 countries

130 representatives around the world