Thanks to the SNCF citizen engagement platform, it has never been easier to get involved!

SNCF is one of the world’s leading passenger transport and freight logistics groups. The Group employs 272,000 people in 120 countries. The SNCF Foundation has been a partner of the associative world for 25 years. They are active in the fields of education, culture, and solidarity with focuses on three areas of action: employee commitment, co-construction and community outreach. The Foundation relies on a network of correspondents throughout France. With a budget of 5 million euros per year, it is one of the top 10 French foundations.

Industry: Rail transport

The challenge

The Foundation, created in 1995, defends the values that are part of the Group’s DNA: solidarity, diversity, proximity, and commitment. The SNCF Foundation wants to take up this challenge of solidarity with every employee. Since 2012, more than 4,000 employees have committed to more than one hundred associations as part of their skills sponsorship program. In order to increase this number, and therefore the impact on our society, the Foundation has decided to digitize this scheme to provide the best possible support, on one hand for employees, and on the other for the beneficiary associations.

The framework

The SNCF Foundation’s digital platform for civic engagement allows employees to get involved during working hours, up to 10 days per year on a one-time or long-term basis, by helping an association.
The function of the digital solution is very simple, the employee can:

  • Consult the projects and missions of the associations,
  • Apply for the missions that they find interesting,
  • Receive approval for their application by the association and their manager,
  • Complete a mission evaluation by filling out an online form.

To promote team building through the sharing of educational and authentic experiences, the platform also gives managers the opportunity to create team solidarity seminars and register their team members.
The missions are proposed directly by the associations. Once they are partners of the Foundation, they can manage their missions and volunteers in complete autonomy.

The collaboration with Yumana

Thanks to the different modules of the Yumana platform, the SNCF Foundation’s solidarity commitment program can be rapidly deployed in France:

  • by giving employees the choice on the way they can commit to the program and creating synergies with the non-profit organization’s ecosystem, Yumana helps to promote the Foundation’s solidarity program.
  • by facilitating interaction between volunteers, their managers, and non-profit organizations.
  • by giving delegates in each region all the KPIs they need to manage the approach within their region, and in complete autonomy.
  • by providing numerous functionalities to communicate especially about the projects and missions on the platform.

With Yumana’s digital solution, it is easy to get involved!
Employees are strongly involved and participate fully in completing the missions that matter to them: this is what unites them and reinforces their commitment, while creating links and cultivating their solidarity impact.

The results

More than 4000 employees already engaged

700 projects supported each year

A network of correspondents in France and abroad
SNCF employees are proud of their company and they feel useful. The collaboration with Yumana is “agile”, as we have to adjust the platform’s features both to SNCF specificities and employees and associations’ expectations. We exchange a lot as we share the same goals: more committed employees and more associations helped!

Croisine Lamarque, Deputy Head of Employee Engagement, SNCF Foundation