The ADP Foundation awards, a new format for calls for projects

The ADP Group is a world leader in the airport sector: airport design, construction and operation. After more than 10 years of existence, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, and more than 690 supported projects, the ADP Group decided to create its own Corporate Foundation in 2014.
The ADP Group Foundation must help to build the world of tomorrow by involving its employees in the world of associations and solidarity and by increasing the company’s civic commitment.

Industry: Airport

The challenge

As more and more companies work to solve societal problems, the ADP Foundation faces a major challenge: Make collective intelligence the new normal and bring together employees and non-profit organizations. The ADP Foundation is convinced that effective philanthropy is based on a synergy of resources and skills.

Since 2017, the Foundation has been involved with local associations over the long term. The projects built with their major partners confirm their ambition: to act collectively to act better and multiply the impact of their actions.

The framework

The Foundation allows its employees to propose NGO’s in which they are personally involved, with an endowment for those who have been most appreciated by the Group’s employees.

Employees submit their NGO project in the format that suits them: video, PowerPoint presentation, simple text.

All employees are then invited to vote in favor of their favorite association over a period of one month. The NGO’s visibility on the platform allows employees to support the initiative that interests them and that they would like to see developed.

At the end of this voting period, three Employee Prizes are awarded to the three NGOs that have received the most support.

A Jury selection prize is also awarded by the members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors after selecting their favorite project from among all the projects submitted to the platform.

The collaboration with Yumana

By giving visibility to employees’ associative projects, Yumana helps to promote the ADP Foundation’s solidarity approach.

Thanks to the digital platform, the ADP Foundation has been able to create a pool of associative projects to :

  • Enable employees to manage the visibility of their associative project independently
  • Facilitate meetings between employees and the sharing of solidarity convictions
  • Enable representatives of the ADP Foundation to discover and finance associative projects that bring together the employees of the ADP Group

One of the key success factors for the Foundation’s team was to support employees in putting their associative projects online and to establish regular communication with project leaders.

Thanks to the visibility given to the projects and the funding of the most popular projects, commitment is promoted and valued within the Group and the entire ADP Foundation community.

The results

About 15 projects proposed during this first edition

A thousand users connected to the platform

More than 2000 votes on the platform in one month