The first French unicorn to launch its skills patronage program!

Created in 2013, Doctolib is the leader in e-health in Europe. Doctolib offers consultation management software for healthcare professionals and an online appointment booking service for patients. The company currently employs 950 people in 40 cities throughout France and Germany. It collaborates with 100,000 professionals and 2,000 healthcare institutions. Doctolib records more than 40 million patient visits per month.
Industrie: E-health

The Challenge

Since day one, Doctolib was convinced that its strength lies in the teamwork of its employees. Revolutionizing health is good, revolutionizing it with others is better!
In September 2019, the People Success department is launching a new solidarity commitment program called DoctoCommit’. Doctolib is crossing the threshold of social commitment, with the aim of profoundly transforming the healthcare sector. DoctoCommit’ is Doctolib’s skills sponsorship program.

The framework

The DoctoCommit’ digital platform offers all employees in France and Germany the opportunity to take part in missions during work hours in order to contribute to associations, local NGOs or social and solidarity economy enterprises working in the health sector.
Employees have 4 days per year, to be used at once or multiple times to participate in different missions. They can consult all missions and apply for the mission(s) they are interested in.
Some associations and missions are proposed on the platform by our partner ProBonoLab, but others are recommended directly by Doctolib employees.
If the candidate’s profile matches a mission, their application is validated by their manager. Once the candidate has been selected, they complete the mission within the association. Each volunteer has contributed on a small scale to the common good!
The impact of a mission is rated by both employees and associations, thanks to an evaluation report to be completed by all stakeholders.

The collaboration with Yumana

Thanks to the digital solution, the DoctoCommit’ program was quickly deployed in France and Germany :

  • by involving employees from the start and offering them, via a short form, to recommend associations and solidarity missions.
  • by creating synergies with a group of associations, offering employees a variety of mission choices in a flexible format, but all with a precise objective to achieve.
  • by suggesting “matching” of skills between missions and candidates. Thanks to this functionality, employees can filter projects according to distance and/or according to their skills and interests.
  • by automating and simplifying communication between employees and their managers for the validation of applications, as well as relations between volunteers and the associations.
  • by communicating in an intuitive and personalized way about the DoctoCommit’ program, by highlighting specific projects and missions via different communication tools integrated into our solution.

Doctolib has all the functionalities and indicators to pilot the program in the best possible way!
The employees are fully committed to completing missions by contributing their expertise: enough to strengthen their team spirit, their solidarity impact, and giving meaning to their job!

The results

28 missions proposed

7 missions already completed

19 volunteers participated to the missions