Yumana’s birth certificate

It’s 6pm when Céline Degreef, sitting in the offices of MyCrowdCompany which she founded 5 years ago, receives Ofer Attali, her competitor and founder of Ayno. On the agenda, market opportunities in the innovation marketfor 2020. Two weeks and a few phone calls later, the process of a merge was underway. The reason for this sudden decision? A perfect alignment of the stars.

Yumana: The new French leader in collaborative innovation SaaS solutions

Ayno and MyCrowdCompany are two of the leading players in the SaaS platform market for collaborative innovation. With more than forty prestigious customers, the likes of AirFrance and LVMH, these two competitors offer solutions that are perfectly complementary.

The fusion between Ayno and MyCrowdCompany capitalizes on the strengths of both solutions, offering a digital solution adapted to all innovation programs. With Yumana, you benefit from a simple and secure tailor-made platform for organizing your challenges, experiencing the full potential of collaborative innovation and developing your intrapreneurship programs.

Yumana fosters commitment to solidarity from within your company.

Céline has always promoted volunteering initiatives and solidarity as part of MyCrowdCompany’s DNA, and developed the [email protected] platform. In her words, “experimenting means imaginizing that an individual action will become a solidarity movement.” This platform, which was recently selected by the SNCF Foundation to manage its volunteering, enables employees to easily and quickly get involvedin solidarity missions. Ofer is also deeply committed to the challenges that Celine is taking on. The merge is therefore an opportunity to strengthen the [email protected] solution even more.

In most companies, the question of employee engagement is becoming an unavoidable issue. With Yumana’s digital solution, companies have a great turnkey solution to structure their solidarity programs.

Yumana launches a new consulting offer

The timing couldn’t be better. The merge is the perfect opportunity to launch a new offer to better support our customers. Thanks to extensive experience and expertise in innovation and intrapreneurship, Yumana now offers to accompany our customers throughout their journey. From structuring and shaping you innovation and intrapreneurship programs to helping pilot in theseprograms after the initial deployment. Through this, Yumana aims to be positioned as a true partner to our customers and to strengthen our bond. Ultimately, as the slogan reminds us, our aim is to build bridges between employees and projects.

Yumana: an asserted ambition

Yumana is becoming a super-actor of collaborative innovation and solidarity. By its size, its means, and its experience, the young company already has its sights set on the international scene. Currently based in Paris and Barcelona, Céline and Ofer are preparing to open Yumana subsidiaries in Europe. With a team of 22 yumanists, nearly 40 clients, 3 successful turnkey platforms, the ambition of growth and international expansion is assumed. In addition, Yumana is acquiring new premises and will now be located in the heart of Paris, near the SiliconSentier, at 44 rue du Louvre.

There is no doubt that while there will be a before and after covid-19, Yumana will participate in the reawakening of collective intelligence by transforming theways in which companies work together to build a more positive, more participative future.